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Building a Pool Enclosure that Lasts


                  A swimming pool enclosure can be a sizeable investment and addition to your house. Potential customers often ask us what the return on their investment could be. The answer relies on how long your pool enclosure will last which depends on how well it’s built. If built well and with quality materials, your enclosure becomes a long-term investment in saving time and money.

                 Installing one means no weekly routine of cleaning out drain baskets and scooping out leaves. It helps maintain the pH balance of your pool, which means less money spent on treatment chemicals. It also keeps animal claws away from the delicate lining of your pool walls. But to realize the benefits of protecting your pool from the elements, you first need to know how the structure itself will stand up to the elements. From the outside, enclosures must face precipitation, wind, birds, human activity, and anything tossed at it through severe weather. From the inside, they are subject to humidity and pool treatment chemicals such as chlorine. When installed properly using the right materials, pool enclosures can last decades without maintenance, giving you a pool environment you can always use but never have to think about.

                  For the frame of the enclosure, some owners’ first aesthetic instincts are to go with wooden beams. But for lasting value, aluminum pool enclosure frames are the best, because they do not rot, warp, rust, or need frequent repainting. And while a household fire will quickly eat through wood, aluminum is non-combustible and will not burn during a fire. Aluminum has long been one of the most widely applied materials across industries, because it is light – about one-third the weight of copper or steel – and is easily transported and cheaply installed. Aluminum is ideal for year-round protection, because it becomes stronger as the temperature falls. Aluminum is also stain-resistant, and with an enamel finish, you have many options for customizing the color of your enclosure. Paint it to match the façade of your house, or choose black or dark grey to compliment the greenery around your yard.   

                  One peril that pool enclosures face around the calendar is accumulating rainwater. Many enclosures have sloped roofs, so that rainwater slides down the structure instead of building up on glass panels. But if your enclosure is connected to your house, rainwater often slides down and gathers at the point where the cage meets the fascia of the house’s roof. Over time, water will seep into the wood of the roof, promoting rot. To prevent this, it is essential to install a pool cage gutter between the roof and the cage, taking water from the cage into a drain and also supporting the cage’s weight to ensure structural integrity. 

                  A popular enclosure style for many homeowners outside of Texas is a glassed enclosure made of polycarbonate, the same material that is used in airplane windows and bus stop shelters. Polycarbonate has an impact resistance of up to 200 times that of regular glass and 10 times that of acrylic glass. But glassed enclosures can be less than ideal when living in Houston, San Antonio or just about anywhere in Texas, because trapped sunlight creates a greenhouse effect that makes the environment unbearably warm during the summer. Most homeowners in Houston or Killeen opt for a pool screen enclosure, using 18x14 mesh which brings in air and lets you better enjoy the outdoor environment while keeping bugs and mosquitos out! If you have pets be sure to ask us about pet proof screening mesh, which is more rugged than what is typically used. We can install this tougher mesh on the lower panels to ensure your dog or cat doesn’t rip through it.

                  By using the most innovative materials available, we built pool enclosures that last decades with minimal to no maintenance that can not only help you save time and money in the long run, but also add months to your pool season and protect your family from harmful UV rays. Remember that a pool enclosure is a life-long investment – so never settle for anything less than a lifetime warranty that is transferable.

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