Pool Enclosure Prices

A custom pool enclosure for your home can be a great long term investment. Determining the cost always requires a visit to measure and discuss options. On average the cost in Texas for a screened in or glass enclosure will be in the range of $15,000 to $25,000. Although if the space is large enough or the house has angles that create the need for more than three or four walls it is not uncommon to approach the $40K to $50K range. Retractable enclosures are a bit more starting around $25,000. There are many factors that go into determining the price or cost of your pool enclosure.


These factors include: 

  • Size of enclosure is the biggest factor. To calculate your square footage, multiply the length of the area you would like to turn into a covered living space by the width. Will your enclosure need four walls or three? 
  • How many doors will you need to your enclosure? 
  • How high is it from the concrete to the top of your gutters? Knowing this helps determine the square footage of your enclosure. 
  • Do you prefer the look of a glass enclosure or screened in pool? We mostly build enclosures that have an aluminum framework with mesh panels for keeping injects away but the breeze in. Glass panels offer more protection from the rain and a view of the stars at night but often are too hot for the Texas heat. 
  • A pool enclosure can become more like a pool house with extras including heating, changing rooms, built in outdoor kitchens and seating areas. Would you like any of these to be a part of your enclosure?
  • Retractable enclosures add cost but offer the best of both indoor and outdoor pool worlds. 

Large or small, simple or elaborate, we build custom pool enclosures for every budget. If you are interested in finding out more please contact us to schedule a free consultation and receive your custom quote. 

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