Retractable Pool Enclosures

Like a vacation home in your backyard.

Sometimes nothing beats a cool summer's breeze. Retractable pool enclosures provide cover when you need it and easily slide away when you don't. 

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Common Retractable Enclosure Installation Questions

We are often asked what is involved in installing a retractable pool enclosure. We can typically complete an installation in three to seven days depending on the size of your enclosure and its location. Because our Design Consultants plan every project using engineering software and blue prints, we're able to pre-fabricate most of the retractable enclosure in the factory. This keeps our time at your property to a minimum. We also help you get any building permit you might need by putting together all the paperwork for your permit application. 

Opening the enclosure is easy for two adults or can even be opened with a remote or wall mounted button with a motorization upgrade.